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Watch Your Child Develop with Wonder Weeks

Watch Your Child Develop with Wonder Weeks


I was reminded of this wonderful app recently by a friend, which was originally recommended by my health visitor when Logan was just a few months old and my god am I glad she did. There were times when I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my little boy was reverting back to a newborn some nights. I’d find myself looking back through the day to what might have caused it and coming up blank. Until I started using this app. Waking up every few hours for around a week or some was much less painful when I knew and how to cope with it better. the Wonder Weeks provides an extensive amount of information on the developments your little one is going through. So how does it work?


Grab the app for just £1.99 from both Apple and Android stores and fill in just a few details. It’s important that you enter your Little ones due date and not their birth date because of their ability to learn really kicks in after they are fully developed. Add a cute Picture, Name, and Gender of your kid (so you can tell their accounts apart later). The app allows you more than one profile so can track all your kids. Hit save and you’re done! 

The app will straight away let you know what’s going on with your little one. What leap (stage of development) they are in and how far they are from the next one. It will go on to explain how the leap has affected your baby, the things they have learned and how they are using these new skills in everyday life. 

The “Legend” will give you a brief indication of what kind of mood you can expect your baby to be in. They can usually seem a bit fussier or clingy during leaps and need extra cuddles from mummy’s and daddy’s, suddenly learning a whole new load of information can be quite daunting. 

An easy to understand chart shows you when you can expect a leap to occur (viewable by baby’s age or date) 

As well as a wealth of information about apps, the concept behind the app and an audiobook version of the book the app is based on. It really is worth every pennie! There is so much more I could say about this app but I honestly think it better to go and explore it yourself.


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