Blog Post Writing/ Management

Are you going away? Haven’t organised enough content to cover your time away. Fallen into a blogging funk and need a hand to get you through. I am here for you!

Perhaps you’re a business who is missing out on a wider audience because you don’t have a blog at all.

I can help, I offer and blog post writing and management service. I will research and write gripping blog posts that gain your readers attention while fitting with your in with your current brand.

Blog Post Writing/ Management Service

£10 an hour – with an average post of 300-500 words including images taking around 2-4 hours.

This price includes;

  • Research time
  • Images taken /edited
  • 300-500 words written
  • Keyword research carried out for specific post
  • Page optimised carried out
  • Any addition activities you request of me

This service can be mixed with either or both of the other services I offer, to find out more about the services I offer please take a look at the SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT SERVICE and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION SERVICE

Prices and Times are not fixed, negotiations can always be made,  please understand that I am only charging so that I am able to increase the quality of the service I provide my customers. There are addition tools and programs I just simply can’t afford to pay for right now that would allow me to provide you with a better service.