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Snapchat For Business – How to Utilise New Snapchat Tools for Attraction Marketing

Snapchat For Business – How to Utilise New Snapchat Tools for Attraction Marketing

Snapchat For Business - How to Utilise New Snapchat Tools for Attraction Marketing

For the most part, like everyone else, I use Snapchat for the funky filters. I am in no way a pro at Snapchat but having recently delved into the Network Marketing world and started my online business,  I’m constantly looking for new ways to boost my sales and bring about new teammates to share my wealth of knowledge when across the idea of using Snapchat for business. If your in the business you’ll know just how important attraction marketing is. For those who aren’t in the business, here’s a brief explanation.

Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they buy it. Reverse Marketing is the same concept of Attraction Marketing. – Facebook

Snapchat for business proves an incredible tool, we share our lives with our friends a family all over the world and if done right could definitely reach possible customers. 



Create a Group Snapchat Story 

A new feature to Snapchat is group stories, similar to our own personal stories but one story can now be added to by more than one person at a time. Create a story for any occasion and watch, control who can add to the story, decide whether you want to add a Geofence (A virtual geographic area with GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.) or not and who you want to be able to add to it or see view it. The last feature which I personally think is the best, is that your able to download the story once your done. I fell in love with this idea for my sons first birthday party to allow everyone to wish him happy birthday in their own way (much like those older style marriage videos when everyone take turns to wish the happy couple good luck) and then be able to save it for him to watch at a future date. 

Adding the Geofence will allow Snapchatters add to the story if they are within that area or who have just recently left. They will also be able to see who views the snap that they add. Leaving the Geofilter off will allow you to add specific friends to both add to and/or view the story. those able to add spans will also see who has viewed their snaps. 





Create a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Event

If you’ve used Snapchat for any time at all you’ve probably seen the public stories from events like the Grammies, Easter and so on. As I’m writing this you can submit your picture to the public spring bank holiday story. Most major hotpots around the world come accompanied with Geofilters allowing you to share where you are having all the fun and attracting people to that location. You can now though, design your own Geofilter, this would be great for big events and gathering where you’re not going to have everyone attending in your friends list.

  Snapchat For Business - Usinf Geofilters For Marketing


This option does cost, and comes with a personal and business option (from what i can see the business option just shows a pop-up when the story first load tell you who the geofilter is sponsored by)  you set a parameter around the area that will allow people to add to the story and the dates that geofilter will be available for. (prices varied depending on how bit the parameter is and for how long the geofilter runs.  

Being able to show how your business is increasing your lifestyle is a huge thing these days, when customers are more likely to buy into YOU and who YOU are and not your brand it’s important to allow them a platform to get to know you.



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