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Self-Care For The Chronically Ill

Self-Care For The Chronically Ill

I would just like to start by saying how honored I am to be collaborating with ‘My Survival Collective’, it’s a brilliant blog to support others with chronically illnesses & I hope this post does it justice! I write a lot about loving yourself & having confidence, which I understand can be a difficult thing if you live with a chronic illness which makes it hard for you to get out of bed some days, so I thought this would be a brilliant opportunity to share so really simple things you can do to help you along the way to self-care! Obviously, all illnesses are different & the things that you are capable of may vary.

    • Yoga in bed – find tutorial videos on YouTube.
    • Meditation – can’t do yoga.. why not meditate & relax the mind instead.
    • Eat healthily – filling yourself with junk food can make you feel ‘bluh’, by eating healthy foods your body feels good & you feel good about yourself & you’ll prevent any unnecessary weight whilst you’re bed bound.
    • Make your bed beautiful – fresh linen, scatter cushions, throws/blankets, even teddies!
    • Wear satin PJ’s – helps to prevent bed sores.
    • Decorate your bedroom – make it a relaxing space & somewhere you want to spend time.
    • Take a bath/shower – if you can’t manage this, spruce yourself up with some dry shampoo & baby wipes.
    • Listen to happy music – sing your heart out!
    • Watch a film or documentary.
    • Connect with a positive online community you may feel alone, but you’re not, there is 100’s of people that are in a similar situation.
    • Take up a hobby – knitting, scrapbooking, colouring/drawing, painting, puzzles
    • Make a ‘Done’ list, instead of a ‘To Do’ list – you’ll be able to look back at the list & rather dwelling on the things you haven’t done, you’ll focus on what you have done.
    • Make a gratitude list – remind yourself there is more to life.
    • Write a poem
    • Read books – self-development books would be amazing for keeping your mindset on track.
    • Ask your local library if they have a home delivery service.
    • Keep a journal about your journey – look back through & see how far you have come.
    • Paint your nails – give yourself a mini manicure.
    • Use a face mask to make yourself feel fresh!
    • Decorate yourself with henna.
    • Write down your negative thoughts – get them out of your head so you stop thinking about them, make sure you get rid of the paper after too! NO ONE NEEDS NEGATIVITY IN THEIR LIVES!
    • Look up at the stars – take a minute to collect your thoughts.
    • Make a ‘Happy Box’ fill it with happy memories, motivational quotes, achievements etc…
    • Ask for help – NEVER feel like you shouldn’t have to ask for help, it is okay to need help on some occasions, don’t put yourself down by not asking for help.

If you’d like to read more about learning to love yourself & building your confidence go to www.wenndy-loveyourself.com

Thank-you for this incredible opportunity to collaborate with you ‘My Survival Collective’, I hope we can do it again soon!




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