A Survival Collective from a Chronically Ill Mummy

Mum, Dogs Beds and Gratitude

Mum, Dogs Beds and Gratitude

Every Day May Not Be Good, But There Is Good In Every

Today I couldn’t be more thankful for the journey I’m on. For this part of my life that I obviously need to go through. Today has been no different, my chronic pain challenging me as usual, causing me a shorter temper than I would like. Despite my prep-work this morning, filling my mirror with the affirmations we’re challenged to speak out loud ever morning. My pain makes it a more difficult day than most. My poor son has no idea why mum seems a bit more snappy than usual, showing me his beautiful voice as he does and wondering why mummy isn’t enjoying as much as she usually does.

Most recently he finds it hilarious to repeat “Dad” back to me when ever I’m trying to get him to say mum. Knowing full well what he’s supposed to say. Until this evening, when my head was about ready to explode from stress and he chose that very moment call my name. He called me mum and my heart melted. A weight lifted and my shining star reminded me of what is important.

With my new mum status I took the dog for a walk, already feeling on top of the world. To bump into a lady we’ve come to know well during the times we spend walking the dog. From our first meeting I felt the instantly connected with her, her love for animals as strong as my own and emotions as raw. She’s always treated Zues (our staffy pup) so kindly, giving us toys for him and in return he plucked up her much loved flower bed. For which we felt sufficiently mortified and returned apologies with flowers. This even, we got chatting. Our connection flowed as strong as ever, I only need mention that Zeus was in need of a bigger bed and she jumped at chance to give us a second hand one she had lying around.

My family grow tired of hearing my belief in the journey and yet my faith remains stronger than ever. Having spent all day sharing my knowledge of blogging with those that needed it, on a day when my pain challenges me more than usual. Life sore fit to return to me some things it knew I needed. It works in funny ways, but I’ve never been so grateful for a second hand dog bed.

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