My April Todo List – Blog Goals This Month

My April Todo List – Blog Goals This Month

Feeling totally inspired by a few bloggers I found recently, this post, in particular, being inspired by Too Cute For Life’s April Goals Post. I’ve decided to start sharing my goals and getting serious about tasks I really need/ want to get done. Judging by others I’ve read it’s important to stay practical, set achievable goals and stick to them. 

1.Write & Post a New Post at Least Once a Week

I’ve been doing pretty good at posting content lately but that’s really only because I’ve got a great backlog of content to repurpose from Mrs. Jeeby’s Survival Kit. Even with the high pain days, its been relatively easy. So this months goal is to write and post a least 4 new posts, one new post a week.

2.Comment On 25+ Blogs

Since finding #TeaCupClub I have LOVED commenting on other blogs, I love reading other people’s blog and learning all kinds of new things but just don’t usually make time to sit down and really get into reading. This month I’m making the time to comment on at least 25 blogs. 

 3.Join 5 Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are so much fun! And I get to meet so many interesting people. I don’t know why I don’t make more time for the. So this month I’m setting myself a 5 Twitter chat goal. 

4.Hit 700 Followers on Twitter

I’ve got under 50 followers to go! It’s taken me months to hit 650 but I’m going to be putting my all into upping my followers. This one is going to be the though eat but I think 50 is an achievable target.

I through the quite hard about goals that are achievable, this is usually my biggest mistake. Setting huge goals I’d never actually manage. What are your blogging girl as this month? Or if you don’t write a blog, what are you personal goals? And are they really achievable? 

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