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Must Have Blogging Apps (Apple Friendly)

Must Have Blogging Apps (Apple Friendly)

Whether you love writing on the go or you’re a busy mummy like myself, I LOVE being able to write and style my blog on the go with my iPad (most of these are android friendly too) and I feel it’s only right that I share my favorite apps with you. You never know when a post idea might pop into your head.


1. WordPress/ Blogger Apps

The first clear choice being the WordPress and/or blogger apps depending on who you host your blog with. I use WordPress myself and love being able to jump in a job down a posts idea without any hassle. I also love being able to see my stats summed up nicely for me, knowing what I need to work on at the touch of a button is so helpful. Finally, I love being able to upload posts straight from Ipad. I haven’t had a phone since Christmas so I’m relying quite heavily on my Ipad for photo’s which aren’t always that easy to get up on the PC. 



2. Canva

Canva is my go to app for putting together images for my blog and social, with simple drag and drop features and preset image sizes for various situations make it easy to design stunning images for both my blog and social media. 


3. Buffer/ HootSuite

I love organising my social media with buffer (HootSuit is similar and preferred by some) It’s quick action button straight from my browser allows me share not only own content quickly but anything else I think my readers would enjoy. While I find the IPad version more difficult to use than the PC version it’s still a relatively simple process. 



4. Mailchimp

Mailchimp allows me to create and edit email campaign for those who sign up. Compare to the website its functions are slightly limited but enough to be able to send out simple email campaigns and view statistics from ones previously sent.

These are just a few of the apps I use to help me keep on top of my blog. Do you have any favourites that I haven’t mentioned?



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