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is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”


Being Chronically ill has brought on so many more challenges than I ever could have imagined. In a little over a year I have endured and learnt so much from my condition that some others would never in their life be able to cope with. Now im not saying that your life isn’t tough unless you’re dealing some kind of illness but take some steps in my shoes and you’ll soon realise how lucky you are to be able to live a day without pain. We spoonies are incredible people and yet we spend most of our lives feeling guilty for not being able to do one thing or the other and distancing ourselves from the people we loves so’s not to cause pain to them. I can think of so many people who just don’t give themselves enough credit for simply surviving the day, some still feeling lost and alone because they havn’t be lucky enough find the incredible spoonie support system I did.

so I have created #SpoonieHeroes.

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#SpoonieHeroes is a NEW spoonie friendly community allowing the already amazing supportive spoonies to gather, continue supporting each other and sharing all the things they are proud of getting done. No matter how big or how small! If you like to become a part of the #SpoonieHeroes community then please fill in the form below so that I can share great things going on in the #SpoonieHeores community with you and add the #spoonieheroes badge to your website or blog. While the badge isn’t mandatory it does allow others who visit you to see that you are part of a spoonie friendly community and will do what ever you can to help others who are suffering with chronic conditions.

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I hope you will join this community and help me grow it to aid as many people as possible, if you have any idea’s on the direction you think this community should go in or things you think the community should be doing. I would love to hear from you via our twitter HERE.