Spoonie Bloggers Pinterest Board

In the blogging world group Pinterest boards are huge. Getting invited to nice big crowed one with lots of followers can gain you a lot of new readers and there plenty of group boards to suit NEARLY every subject possible so finding your way in to one shouldn’t be difficult. That is unless you’re a Spoonie Blogger. Indeed….while doing some research into group Pinterest boards I found no boards suitable for spoonies, which sucked. I love pinterest and I used it quite a lot and I know of a few other spoonie bloggers that do so wouldn’t it be great to have us all in one place? Sure! So the Spoonie Bloggers Pinterest Group Board was born!  

So far we have just a few spoonie bloggers have joined the group, but I hope over time this group will become huge. As spoonies we are amazing a forming there caring families across social media who help each other in any way possible. I didn’t want to leave out those who use Pinterest. By collecting all of the Spoonies blogger on one board it will be super easy to find all of our super help content from your phone, you ipad and your pc without having to go searching through all of our separate social media sites.

Spoonie Bloggers Pinterest Pro’s and Con’s

For those spoonies bloggers unsure if this is a good idea or not, i did a bit of research myself as to the pro’s and con’s of a group board and found these;

Pro: Creating a Community

Obviously putting all of our content in one place means we are able create a fantastic spoonie blogger community. While there isn’t much room to chat on Pinterest, it can lead to use all check out each others content more and making a much strong social connection.

Pro: More eyes on the small guys

Small time newbies like myself get the chance to share a space with some of the bigger lead bloggs who have been runner for a much longer amount of time and therefore sharing the audience.

Pro: More Pinterest Followers

Chances are if people see you playing a role in our Spoonie Blogger community they are more likely to follow you Pinterest as well.

Con: Spammy Pinning

While the board will be moderated there is always chances of people over pinning their blog posts etc. It will become more difficult as the board gains more people but I’d like to think one pin per blog post is polite. Another thing to be aware of email alerts, while there only a few people at the moment if you currently receive email alerts for every time someone does something with a board, you may want to turn them off. When the board gets busy, thats going to get pretty annoying.

Con: People can follow the board without following you

Pretty self explanatory 🙂

Con: You can’t control the board cover 

This is true, just about anyone in the group can change the cover, I have tried to work around this by assigning a basic cover, it only states the name of the board and therefore doesn’t lead
towards anyones specific post or blog and I hope that i wont make anyone feel like they are losing on potential readers.

How Do I Join?

Due to the way pinterest works the board is invite only, this is kind of a pain in butt but doable. Below I have created a short form for any fellow spoonies to to fill out if they interested, this will send me an email with all the details I need. I will then;

  1. Just quickly check your site/blog to make sure you are a spoonie and you’re just using our board as a free ride.
  2. Add you to the via your email address (so please give me the one you are sign up to pinterest with)
  3. Come and give you big hugs on twitter for joining the family, if you don’t use twitter don’t worry. Just put your name the the “Twitter username” box and i will email you back to welcome you.

I have also left a comments box if you want add any extra info, this can anything, but I’m also aware that you might have signed up to Pinterest with different email address than you use for your emails normally so if that’s the case, feel free to pop the address in there if you want me to send your big hugs to that one.