You’re my #SpoonieHero

Living a #Spoonielife is tough, every day presents new challenges. We have situations thrown at us that most people don’t have to deal with in their lifetime and we brave it. We brave it because realistically we have no choice. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been told I’m “brave” but I really don’t see it that way, I see it as just trying to live a semi-normal life and I know so many other chronic pain and mental health sufferers see things the same way. Sometimes though during out struggles to feel human, our surviving and our desperate attempt to live our semi-normal lives we forget just how amazing we are. We let one too many compliments pass us by. So I have created the #SpoonieHero Campaign.

#SpoonieHero Campaign

The #Spooniehero campaign give YOU the ready the chance to nominate someone who you think deserves to be mentioned. Your  #SpoonieHero has been going through a particularly tough time with there Chronic illness/condition or Mental health illness. You fell like they need reminding just how incredible they are. As some who is nominating;

  • Think carefully about the person you think deserves to become a #SpoonieHero (sadly you can’t nominate yourself)
    • Private message me at @SpoonieHeros on Twitter with;
        • Who you wish to nominate
        • What they are struggling with (the more detail the better as will use the information you give me to write about them in the blog)
        • Why you are nominating them as your #SpoonieHero

      Towards the end of each month, I will announce via @SpoonieHeroes that no further nomination are being taken for that month and out of everyone submitted I will pick 5 people to write about on my blog. (These will mostly be picked at random but I want to cut down people picking each other on purpose, I’m really looking for people who won’t have a clue they have been chosen to maximise the effect this campaign was created for)

      Cabin Woods Personalise Spoons for a Spoonie in Need

      For someone who has been nominated, you will;

          • Have your twitter handle and your story mentioned on my blog for a month (4 weeks) alongside 4 other people
          • Have included a social media/blog link of your choosing.
          • Become an honorary #SpoonieHero by receiving a hand printed, personalise spoon to provide you with a spare spoon when you are in need and to remind that you are never alone. By becoming a #SpoonieHero, you be forever reminded that a whole bunch of people think you’re their hero.

      Each spoon is lovingly hand stamped by the wonderful Kinsey, the owner of the CabinWoods an adorable Etsy shop containing a range of fantastic handcrafted products.