April Poundland Haul

April Poundland Haul

Welcome to my first ever haul post, inspired by Emma Drew who just recently did a Poundland Haul Video, I just had to go and figured I’d share my goodies with you. I only got a few bits but I couldn’t help but share!

I started with a few beauty bits, thes Bammy M nail vernish’s were such a find. Not only do they make a nice treat but also fab birthday treats thrown into a nice little hamper. The recent hot wether we’ve been having has been drying my lips so I picked up this Soft Rose Nivea lip balm to care for my lips and give me a nice bit of colour. Finally I picked this Garnier Mineral Deodorant, for a £1 it’s the smaller size then you’ll usualy find in Boots or Superdrug but it will fit nicely in Logan’s changing bag for on the go freshness.

As reccomended I picked up a couple of Zoflora, they smell AMAZING! And you can use them for just about anything. Along the times of keeping things clean, I picked up this adorable apron. I absolutely love the “Dishy like Daddy” quote.

Finally I picked up a box of these yogurt breaks, they are delishious and a really handy on the go snack for any busy mummy. A pack of these and a piece of fruit will keep you going during a busy morning.

Let me know your thoughts on my first haul post! And wether I should do more.

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