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21 Day Self-Love Challenge: Pre-Loved

21 Day Self-Love Challenge: Pre-Loved

Life has a funny way of putting people in your path. I was really excited about the work event I’d booked to go to, I’d been watching the guest speaker on Facebook for months and couldn’t believe I was going to get to meet her. Until that was, I saw a post on Facebook explain how we’d be having someone different due a last minute drop out. To say I was disappointed was an understatement, the original speaker explained she had to drop out due to need to be on a heart monitor and wouldn’t be able to anything as strenuous as a high energy talk. I had no idea who this guy was that they had replaced her with, he had enough claims to his name I figured he was legit but I hadn’t connected with him like I had the previous speaker. I went to the event with a lot of judgement.

Oh how wrong was I to judge…From the get go this guy’s energy was INCREDIBLE. Warren INSPIRE Ryan. I mean he had the word inspire in his name for fuck sake! And he.stole.the.show. Introducing me to a world I never thought possible. Now only a few months down the line and I’m on to course number two with Warren INSPIRE Ryan. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice now and can honestly say that, having the previous speaker drop out, was the best thing that ever happened. I spent last month with him building my confidence (to sadly have it knocked back by my poor health) and this month, with renewed determination, I’m learning to LOVE myself. And I’m bringing you guys on my journey!

How Does It Work?

Well the rules are simple:

  • No Negative Nacy’s
  • No Comparing Yourself To Others
  • No Gossiping
  • No Giving Up

We split into teams which by the end of the course we’ll come consider to be family and we follow the routine.

Mondays – Training with Warren at 8pm

Tuesday – Challenge Day

Wednesday – Training

Thursday – Challenge Day

Friday – Treat yourself for all your hard work.

Everyday is broken down into Morning and Evening Tasks, we’re ask to spend AT LEAST 30 minutes in ourselves EVERYDAY.


  • Mirror Work
  • Facebook Live
  • Why
  • Gratitude List
  • Watch the Morning Video from Warren
  • Spend 30mins on yourself (I’ll likely spend this reading while the baby naps)


  • Mirror Work – Affirmations
  • Gratitude Journal

Alongside which we should also aim to make at least one persons day and do as many RAK’s (Random acts of Kindness) as possible.

So yeah. For the next 21 days I will be blogging EVERYDAY about my experience on this 21 Day Self Love Course, and I welcome you guys to join me. Follow my story, leave your comments and learn with me as I learn to truly love myself all over again. Come and follow me on Facebook as I share my story, take on twice weakly challenges and try to teach others the incredible things I’ve been learning along my journey to becoming a better person.

Now I have to somehow get to sleep. Like seriously, how does warren sleep with all this energy??

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