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21 Day Self-Love Challenge: Positivity. Period

21 Day Self-Love Challenge: Positivity. Period

Im going to be really real with you here. It’s hard to control emotions, already being controlled by your body. Man, periods suck.

I’ve been an absolute nightmare the past couple of days, despite ever effort to change my mood, I jump right back around to feeling moody and short tempered. Tonight I’m mixing it up, I’m hitting a yoga mat for the first time in a good 4 years and it’s safe to say I’ll probably spend the entire hour trying not to fart. At least I’ll be with the girls, there’s nothing more terrifying than a well seasons yoga class.

Edit. I did 3 silent but quite violent farts, if anyone smelt then they were far to kind to shame me.

And… Yoga was awesome, I pretty much spent the entire time trying not laugh at the thought of the whole in my friends trowsers (don’t worry she knew about, I’m not that evil) and letting giggles every time a move seemed even remotely sexual. To be honest it was nice to just do something for me, to be someone other mum and girlfriend. To just care for myself, which I get so little time for these days. We’re planning to keep going to keep going back! Its the first bit of exercise I’ve been able to do since getting I’ll I without my head exploding or actually passing outm it felt amazing to use my muscles AND I was super productive when I got home. I think in going to have to try and incorporate more yoga into my life. On an even better note my period is nearly over and I’m starting to feel myself again. If anyone any tips on how NOT to be a hormonal cow, please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

I guess the moral of this post is to remind you to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF, what ever that means for you. What ever your lacking, a healthy diet, exercise, friendship. YOU HAVE CONTROL of your life.

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