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5 Ways Joining a Baby Group Stopped Me From Loosing My S**t

5 Ways Joining a Baby Group Stopped Me From Loosing My S**t

No one tells’s you how lonely becoming a parent is going to be, sure you have your new partner in crime by your side 24/7 but they spend the best part of a year doing not much but pooping, sleeping or eating. Friends you had drift because they don’t understand this new life you have and you find it difficult to help them understand. As a mummy, this new little blob has become the sole focus of your life and no one else really understand the affect that has on your life. Apart from other mummy’s. This is where baby and mummy groups can help, here are a few reason these groups are awesome.


1.Cure Loneliness/ Make New Friends

I was so thankful to have joined a mummy group while I was pregnant with Logan, it gave me a little step ahead in this area, I knew straight away If I didn’t get on and start getting out with Logan I’d probably lose my mind and become scarily anxious about the world around me. Getting out to a baby group/ stay and play asap really helped me feel like I wasn’t utterly alone. I can be pretty scary to walk into a group of mummy’s who all look like they have their shit together but honest spend a bit of time there and you’ll see that you’re all just doing your best. 

Some of the best advice I’ve received has come from just talking to other mummy’s who happened to try different things than me. It’s great sharing parenting tactic and honestly giving my little all the best bits of advice I learned. 



2. Let Your Littles One/s Open Up

Logan can be the LOUDEST child at home where he’s comfortable with his surroundings and the people around him but I noticed whenever we went out (even to the baby group) he went quiet. His voice disappeared and he began to just sit and observe. As uncomfortable as he felt we continued to go every week, and sure enough he found his voice again. Now he is the bubbly boy I’m used to at home and when we’re out and about. 


3. Increased Child Development

Logan has always been very forward, even without being surrounded by sibling he learned thing very quickly. He was doing things at a very young age before the average age suggests and going to baby group only excelled that. He loved being surrounded by children of all ages and playing with lots of new toys we don’t have at home. He’s slowly learning to share his toys and accept when some other don’t.



4. Open Doors For The Future

I’ve met so many awesome and inspiring people through various groups I’ve been to. Baby/ Mummy groups have a lot to offer and there is something out there for just about anyone. Hell if there isn’t why not try creating your group? It would benefit you and some many people around you and with social media, so easily accessible advertisement can be free. 

5. Maintain Your Identity

Becoming a parent changes you, it changes who you are as a person. I can be difficult to accept your new identity without loosing your old one. You may find your life goals shifting  which totally ok but if you scared of loosing sight of your old self a baby group can really bring you back. Being around other mummy’s going through the same struggles made me realise I’m still the same I was before, if not an even better version.